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  • The Original Barrio Fiesta Restaurant of Manila:

    Best Filipino Restaurant, Honor Awardee!, for the 2011 Best of Milpitas, Readers’ Choice Awards”_
    Milpitas Post

    Best Filipino Restaurant, Honor Awardee!, for the 2010 Best of Milpitas, Readers’ Choice Awards”
    Milpitas Post

    “Congratulations – you’ve done it again! Locals around Milpitas say you have one of the best spots in the city. How do we know? They keep on writing reviews about your business, and last we checked, you had Yelp reviews and an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. Any way you slice it, that’s impressive. It’s official – People on Yelp really love you!
    Jeremy Stoppelman, Co-Founder & CEO of

    “A magnet for Filipinos seeking the dishes their mothers and grandmothers used to make. . . (located) on the northern edge of Milpitas, has been serving traditional home-style Filipino dishes for (over) a decade.”
    Aleta Watson, San Jose Mercury News

    “Taste however is relative, but when it comes to Filipino food, most would agree that nobody does it better than Barrio Fiesta. For decades, the restaurant has served perhaps the best set of Filipino recipes to food aficionados, second only of course to mom’s adobo.”
    Bryan B. Garcia, Manila Bulletin

    “Indeed, the Barrio Fiesta name and tradition are very much alive and well, even blazing new trails in Filipino fine dining.”
    Linda B. Bolido, Philippine Daily Inquirer

    “Manila comes to Milpitas with a restaurant serving reliable Filipino comfort food on the northern edge of the city. Dishes are served family-style in perfect miniatures of Filipino cookware.”
    Contra Costa Times

    “The homestyle cooking of this restaurant is top notch and I felt like I was studying abroad and eating at my host mother’s home.”
    Jon H., Fremont, CA (on

    “For a good introduction to Filipino food (other than my or my family’s kitchen), this is the restaurant to go to. When my family wants to get spoiled, we head to Barrio Fiesta…”
    Customer Review on

    “I love their garlic chicken! absolutely the best! if you want quality flip food, barrio is definitely the place!”
    Customer Review on Yahoo! Travel